Benisse Cette Maison "Bless This House"  Transfer 34" x 9"

Benisse Cette Maison "Bless This House" Transfer 34" x 9"


Iron Orchid Design Decor Transfer: Benisse (34"x9")


French for "Bless This House", this is a perfect transfer for a newlywed couple or someone moving in to their new home. This is the easiest way to take your painted pieces to a whole new level that people will be amazed with.


These rub-on's adhere to clean matte surfaces and may be coated with a quality sealer like  soft waxes or brush-on top coats. 


Use on walls, furniture and other wood pieces BEFORE you apply your chosen top coat.  These work beautifully over Chalk Paint or Milk Paint. Make sure paint is COMPLETELY dry. We recommend at least 24 hours. You need to be patient when transferring them.  As you rub the back of the transfer and slowly - pull the transfer tape away- make sure that the image has taken to the item you are applying it to.  If it has not, lay the transfer back down and carefully rub more. 


Check out this video for a demonstration:


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