Astoria Foliage Paintable Transfer 24"×33"

Astoria Foliage Paintable Transfer 24"×33"


Bohemian vibes abound in this versatile transfer. Stunning as a black and white piece, but is certainly customizable to any number of colors you can imagine. Astoria is being retired. Please order now before quantities are gone. Transfer measures 24" x 33".

We’ve made many of our new Decor Transfers™ “buildable”, by adding opacity, (so that they look good when they overlap) and making the designs themselves more versatile, so that they work visually, when used in combination. Since the designs are more opaque than previous versions, they will show up well against dark colors as well as light.• Distressable ( for complete customization, sand to your liking! We don’t mind.)• Buildable ( more opaque so they can be layered with other transfers, as well as show up against darker colors. Because sometimes one is just not enough, and a maker needs to make it their own.)• Improved backing to help prevent transfer mishaps ( and the subsequent crushed souls.)• Easy to use ( These beauties transfer onto your project surface like butter. )


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